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    We have at its disposal the opportunity to acquire Southern Caribbean Destination, a beautiful project designed exclusively that consists of two properties constructed with housing that offers numerous possibilities of development and that we will describe along this informative document. It should be indicated that they were going to be destined for the holidays of the property owners and for this reason.

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    We have at its disposal the opportunity to acquire Southern Caribbean Destination, a beautiful project designed exclusively that consists of two properties constructed with housing that offers numerous possibilities of development and that we will describe along this informative document. It should be indicated that they were going to be destined for the holidays of the property owners and for this reason, in addition to being designed and constructed by top of the line professionals, with all luxury of details and with all kinds of available and esthetical projects to the area, special attention, creativity and care put itself to the pursuit of the same property owners bearing in mind that everything was constructed by hand and without cranes due to the virgin characteristic of the area.

    It is important to add to the value of the project Southern Caribbean Destination by having all necessary permits in order. A construction of this scale and in an area which protects nature, demands very disciplined administrative efforts, money and time that are already covered by facilitating the continuity of the project. Local workers were hired, insured with their corresponding policies, as stipulated by law. At the end of the construction work their contracts were brought to a successful conclusion, stressing that for years many local families benefited from this work.

    In addition to providing all the technical characteristics of the estates, and the buildings and of all the projects which have been created, we believe it is important to also describe in detail in order to carry the investor to this beautiful property, in order to get an idea of the wonderful reality that is brought to life in this place. This is another interesting point of this tourist complex and thus transmitting the charm and energy of a place so powerful, so that you will be able to see for yourself and trust in our project as an extraordinary investment. We'll talk about the country of Costa Rica, one of the most sought after places in the world by investors, and Puerto Viejo, the Caribbean village where Southern Caribbean Destinations is located.


Costa Rica Maps

- 5to Elemento

- Lomas del Caribe

Mapa 6
Mapa 5
Mapa 3
Mapa 2

Our homes are located in Costa Rica, the heart of Central America, bordered by two oceans and with a privileged climate; it is a country of dreams where you can enjoy unforgettable images and emotions: idyllic beaches, rainforests and tropical rainforests that are home to some of the most amazing animals in the world. Towering volcanoes, and numerous National Parks of which several are close to the facilities, in particular the Gandoca Manzanillo, National Wildlife Refuge of the International Friendship Park biological reserve declared Heritage of Humanity.

It is one of the best tourist destinations highly recommended worldwide and this being one of their main sources of income, with two million visits a year. This is a small country covering 0.03 % of the surface of the planet, yet has the privilege to be the habitat of 5% of the existing biodiversity throughout the world. The 25.58 % of its territory is protected under conservation, which has consolidated its position as the best ecotourism destination of luxury.

Southern Caribbean Destination is located in the province of Limon, the main tourist destination in the country located across the Caribbean coast and at the same time, the canton of Talamanca, with white sand beaches, palm trees and four lush national parks that protect tropical rainforests and coral reefs, as well as hundreds of species of flora and fauna in danger of extinction. The place is also famous for the wide diversity of marine ecosystems such as in Cahuita, Puerto Viejo, Manzanillo, Uvita Island, Punta Uva, Cocles and Gandoca-Manzanillo.

Limon is marked by a great cultural diversity, with a population of predominantly afro-descendant and with important traits of the Costa Rican indigenous culture. The afro-caribbean, white and chinese, each brings you to the area for their own reasons. It is the area where more cultures converge than in any other part of the Costa Rican territory.

The Limon province is home to the main Costa Rican ports for foreign trade in the Caribbean sea, located in Puerto Limon and Moin. In the latter is where the government is investing a billion dollars since January of this year to equip the Caribbean port of a competitive high-tech port. The company responsible is APM, who is going to design, build, finance and operate the new terminal for the containers in the Port. It will start operation in 2016.

Also Costa Rica and Panama will build a binational bridge of four lanes over the Sixaola River that will be ready for 2017, at the border of the two countries. The result of a donation of 10 million dollars from the infrastructure fund of Mesoamerica and the Caribbean and Costa Rica $ 5 million. Puerto Viejo will be beneficiary of the bridge as Sixaola border area.

Limon also has extensive banana plantations, the main agricultural export of the country. They cultivate cocoa, African palm, and develop cattle breeding. Situated in Limon is the main oil refinery in the country.

The opportunity to feel transported to another world, appears when you arrive at the coastal town of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca in the south end of the Caribbean, area in which the properties are located. The unique experience that is received upon arriving in the area. It is a paradisiacal place for lovers of life.

Puerto Viejo, with its unique charm, was formerly a small, quiet town of fishermen, which combines the Latin cultures, afro-caribbean and indigenous. Immersed in the middle of exotic flora and fauna with wonderful beaches of crystal clear blue water, it has quickly become one of the first tourist hot spots of this Caribbean country.

Puerto Viejo is surprising for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, the diversity of races and the amount of cultures of its inhabitants, with more than 50 different nationalities that have been mingling with the passing of the years. This has created new mixtures touched by the beauty and warmth of the place, giving rise to a curious and unique cultural heritage, where all coexist in harmony and nature.

It is interesting to note the friendliness and acceptance of its people toward the tourist, they make you feel welcome and comfortable in spite of cultural differences. The locals are accustomed to interacting with people from all over the world, without ever forgetting that it is a small village where the way to relate is more familiar, with the advantage that the dominating languages are English and Spanish, in addition to German or French among the majority.

It becomes a lovely place to have a fun and relaxing vacation, with a great offer of tours, that in the last section we will have the opportunity to describe to get an idea of the type of tourism that is perceived in the area.


Southern Caribbean Destination, has been immersed in a strategic location just a few minutes from the beach of Cocles, next to the main road and includes two properties or lots, in the middle of lush vegetation.

When you enter the facilities all the senses are put into motion. The tranquility invades the area and what you hear are the sounds of the jungle, birds of different shapes and colors, singing insects, the coming and going of the waves, or the famous Congo monkeys, which you can see, by lifting your gaze to the high trees in the majestic tropical nature that borders the area of the complex.

The beautifully colored toucans or the sloths are other harmless animals that you can also observe. The soft breeze brings a come and go of sweet-smelling flowers while the hummingbirds chase each other in search of their nectar.

An environment rich in sensory stimuli they envelop our structures with the great peace of mind that you are in a secure area and nothing more can be done than enjoy the jungle within a conditioned environment where premium security is acheived.

Let's move on with the technical data of the two structures (constructed in accordance with the law) project of the Southern Caribbean Destination.

The second call "Hills of the Caribbean"

Located 800 meters from the Cocles beach. Hills of the Caribbean is built on a property of 8,109.80 m2.

It is distributed in twelve indendent lots and a public street, of which six were built with six beautiful villas with swimming pools and with the other six lot to be constructed.

The 6 villas built, stand out for their distinct color schemes, each has a private swimming pool, at least two parking spaces, and a large garden. The interior is composed of a living room, kitchen, two bathrooms, two bedrooms and a large loft bedroom. With wood ceilings created from recycled plastic, in keeping with the environment and nature.

Each of the Villas contains the following documentation:

  • Building permit Villa
  • Project of Villa and swimming pool construction
  • Partnership Contract Villa

Ornamental and Esthetic Projects of the Constructions

Along with the structures already built, Southern Caribbean Destination has invested in a set of carefully designed projects that also will move forth, finalizing in tourist destinations providing them with the unique personality and charisma unique and particular to the area, because there is nothing so luxurious and so careful.

Projects to accompany are the following:

"5th Element"

  • Landscape Project (Arq. Alberto Negroni Vargas
  • Deck pool
  • Entrance 5th Element
  • Concept Bar
  • Electric generator
  • Air conditioning
  • Interior design (App 1st floor and App 2nd floor)
  • Interior lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Decor inventory
  • 5th Element Trail
5to 01
5to 02
5to 03
5to 04
5to 05
5to 06
5to 07
5to 08

"Lomas of the Caribbean"

  • Landscape Project (Arq. Alberto Negroni Vargas)
  • Concept Bar and staff accomadations
  • Electrical generator
  • Air conditioning
  • Interior design (Render Villa)
  • Interior lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Decor inventory
Lomas 01
Lomas 02
Lomas 03
Lomas 04
Lomas 05
Lomas 06
Lomas 07
Lomas 08


Another interesting point which has occupied time and money is the option of investment and business opportunity that Destination Southern Caribbean has achieved with its status of luxury resorts through the system of holiday rental "timeshare" through the prestigious affiliation with Interval International (public company of exchange on a global level).

This also has the permission of authorization by the MEIC (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). This regime would be the only one in the southern Caribbean, with which there are many factors that would ensure the profit figures of timeshares.


  • The 2008 World Bank Survey for Global Governance Indicators, ranks Costa Rica in the first place within Latin America for political stability.
  • Army abolished in 1948.
  • Ranked among the highest in Political Stability and Absence of Violence index in Latin America (World Bank, 2008).
  • More than 100 years of democracy.
  • Currently, more than 200 multinational companies are operating in Costa Rica.
  • Exceptionally talented and bilingual young workforce. On average 95% of the employees in multinational companies are local.
  • Preferential access platform to 1/3 of the world’s population, and 2/3 of worldwide GDP. 90% of goods exports through free trade agreements.
  • Excellent business climate based on a renowned democratic tradition, economic and political stability
  • 93% of energy is renewable; electricity costs are low and guaranteed. Redundant telecommunications access.
  • Quality of life in Costa Rica is high. Safest country in Latin America; and one of the top 5 environmental performers.
  • The country has no limitations on capital funds transfers associated with an investment, regardless of the currency.
  • No restrictions are imposed on re-investments or on repatriation of earnings, royalties or capital.
  • There is no requirement to register investments with any of the government authorities.
  • Costa Rica has achieved international standards for IPR protection.

For further information, please visit the website of the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE). At their download center you will be able to find specific information on Costa Rica’s infrastructure, Telecommunications, Education, Free Trade Zone Regime, Human Capital, Immigration Requirements, Industrial Parks, Key economic indicators, Labor regulations, Life in Costa Rica, Setting up a Business in Costa Rica, Taxation, Trade Agreements and Preferential Access, Workforce, etc.
Other links of interest: http://costarica-embassy.org/index.php?q=node/18

Another factor to take into account is the possibility that you have to possess the residence in the country immigration as an investor which requires an investment of 200,000 $ (you can see the information on the following link http://www.immigrationservicescr.com/Costa_Rica_Residency_Annuitant.html)



The success of the area is that it remains wild and virgin, thus giving it the uniqueness that it has, however it has the benefits of all the minimum services necessary for tourists, including banks, taxis, transport, medical clinics, dentists, veterinary... etc.
The tourist masses does not exist in Puerto Viejo

It maintains a happy balance to enjoy wonderful natural environments not only in Puerto Viejo but also in all surrounding areas due to proximity, visiting by bicycle, the local means of transport or in a comfortable vehicle, within a world of comfort that goes beyond our complex if so desired by tourists.

Rest and relaxation are guaranteed within the premises, close to the beach of Cocles, located next to the complex awarded with the ecological blue flag, or receiving a massage of chocolate in the original Spa in the area, however the adventure and fun are more than guaranteed and the offer is immensely appealing and peculiar to new experiences.

You can go to visit and have the privilege of talking with indigenous people with a willingness to show their culture to the world, or drink a fresh natural juice in front of the beach or a cocktail and then go to dinner at a nice Italian restaurant, with the charm of doing so in a quiet village. There are many possibilities which we will comment on in the following segments.

Tours Agency

There exists a total of 21 agencies in Puerto Viejo and the surrounding area (8 in Puerto Viejo with certificates of sustainable tourism) where you can enjoy personalized tours that can only be found in this location in the world.

Among the most notable activities we have listed the following:

Visit to the indigenous reservations, of the ethnicities bri-bri or Cabécar, Chocolate Tours, animal watching, whales, dolphins, birds, turtle, waterfalls visit, and tours of ancient medicinal plants. Butterfly Gardens, rescue centers with unique animals or breeding iguanas.

Sports offered is varied for the adrenaline lover. Noting this, it is possible to enjoiy a surk lesson taught by only the best surf professionals (Puerto Viejo attracts surfers from all over the world), scuba diving and snorkeling, boating, kayaking, rafting, fishing, hiking, horseback riding on the beach, canopy tour, adventures in the jungle or balloon flights, activities for holidays in family, couple or solo.

You can also take cooking classes and afro-caribbean culture, Spanish, or check a wide range of activities available in the Cultural Center of the people, which organizes local events full of music and color as the Day of the Afro-American.


Puerto Viejo and the surrounding area offers a wide variety of restaurants, that considering the small population of the area still reflect the wide diversity of cultures of its inhabitants, Italian, Thai, Spanish, Indian, Chinese, Argentinian, Mediterranean, French and Columbian. This mentioned, you can find great restaurants where the typical Costa Rican and Afro-Carribbean plates can be enjoyed.

The restaurants of the area tend to be welcoming and situated in marvelous natural settings, always near or on the beach, and always filled with beautiful plants and tropical flower as decoration in typical carribbean style. The love these professionals have of the surrounding area and for their vocation, they delight in seeing their guests enjoy their experience.
Due to the intimate atmosphere in some restaurants it is necessary to call for reservations, since they have very few tables.

They offer delicious fusions but always food which is 100% natural and elaborated from the best products the region has to offer. (Many work only with ecological products)


Another great feature of Puerto Viejo is shopping in dozens of art stalls and shops that dot the town, with countless opportunities to make good purchases for local handicrafts.

In them you will find articles produced with the most diverse seeds, wood, shells and forms made by local artists. Many of them recognized internationally, that have found the perfect place to develop their creativity in the framework of inspiration that is Puerto Viejo.

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  • Costa Rica

    Costa Rica

    Our homes are located in Costa Rica, the heart of Central America, bordered by two oceans and with a privileged climate; it is a country of dreams where you can enjoy unforgettable images and emotions: idyllic beaches, rainforests and tropical rainforests that are home to some of the most amazing animals in the world.

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